Born in Mainz in 1974, Loretta Stern knew fairly early on that she would tread the boards, and that the stage was calling. As a child she quickly learned to sing and dance, and also gained experience as a dubber.

After graduating with A-Levels from high school in 1993, she completed her acting training in Hamburg, before hosting the youth programme Bravo TV for a year. Since then she has been a regular presence in film, television and theater. Among her credits: GOLDENE ZEITEN (Golden Times) by Peter Thorwarth. She played Chief Inspector Nora Neubauer in the ARD TV crime series NORDISCH HERB  (The Dry North), and she also had a leading role in the Peter Buchholz’s play KONKURSMASSE (Bankrupt Estate), which showed in Dieter Hallervorden’s Schloßparktheater.

From 2003 to 2007, she hosted the Berlinale, as well as the Cannes Festival, for ARTE in several special live festival broadcasts. From 2013, she joined up with  Smudo and Tim Renner in TELE 5’s PLAYLIST – SOUND OF MY LIFE,  where the team were given an anoymous famous person’s playlist, and then had to determine who it belonged to.

At the Berlinale she presents the „European Shooting Stars”, as well as the Berlinale Talent’s legendary “Dine & Shine-Dinner”. At Hamburg’s film festival she holds workshop talks with members of the film industry, as part of the „Public Forum“ event series. She regularly officiates at, as the Master of Ceremonies for the „German Neighbourhood Award“ (Deutscher Nachbarschaftspreis), and does the same for the „Preis der Deutschen Filmkritik“.  In 2019 she also presented the „Veuve Clicquot Business Woman Of The Year Award“. 

Together with the pianist Karla Haltenwanger, she developed the children’s music project KARNEVAL DER TIERE (The Animal Carneval), which is regularly performed in Berlin’s Schloßparktheater, as well as the program „Kennen Sie Cortázar?” (Do you know Cortázar) which happens under the joint label ““ (Musical stories).

Musically, Loretta Stern likes to perform on the big as well as the more intimate smaller stages in the country: in May 2009 she released the album „Chansonpop“ with the band MATHILDA, but currently she prefers performing with her own band KARLHEINZ. With KARLHEINZ she recently contributed to the title track “Querfeldein“ for the soundtrack of the documentary film „Alle Lieben Schmidt”.

For the Kösel-Verlag publisher, she has penned two very successful books on the subject of baby nutrition („Einmal breifrei, bitte!“  and „Breifrei! – Das Kochbuch“) and a guidebook for first time parents („Das Wochenbett“ : „The Childbed„). 

Her short stories are mainly on her external hard drive at the moment, and there’s also a novel in her head that probably needs airing. A children’s book project will be published by Oetinger in 2020. 

Her desire to weave people and ideas together and create networks or maybe even artworks, is a passion that flowers in many different ways. In the magnificent grounds of Schloß Ippenburg near Osnabrück, for example, she curated the Presentation of the showgardens in 2015 at the Ippenburg Festival, as well as working on the resulting fundraising campaign HANDBAG/BACK TO PEACE. 

She is also happy to provide dramaturgical and conceptual advice at literary events and readings (André Kaiser, „Nur raus hier!“, Ankerherz-Verlag; Claudia Kotter „Gute Nacht, bis morgen!“, Verlag Blumenbar) and readily discusses themes and ideas after the readings with both readers and authors – in Italian if necessary (Licia Troisi, „Cronache dal Mondo Emerso“, or even in German: „Die Drachenkämpferin“, Heyne-Verlag).

In April 2019, together with „Tanz ist klasse! e.V.“, the Education Programme of the Staatsballett Berlin she set up a dance workshop for children with cerebral palsy, and together with friends, was able to produce a documentary film about this very special project. 

The finished work is called „Und ob ich tanze!“ : „You bet I can dance!“ and it starts its travels around the world in February at the Transitions Film Festival in Melbourne.

In her spare time, Loretta Stern enjoys writing ironic commentaries (for the ELLE City-Guide or the Berliner Morgenpost), thinking up TV concepts with friends, designing musical readings for the Goethe Institute in Rome and anywhere else, dubbing films (she is the voice of Samantha Morton in „Code 46“ and „Decoding Annie Parker“) and has synchronised the Netflix TV series „Orange is The New Black“ and „Luke Cage”).  She is also the voice behind various commercials (Coca Coca light, Stern, Siemens, Ikea, Ahoj-Brause), and she continues to be enthusiastic about collecting weird sentences in various languages. 

She has not yet attempted to shine as a jewellery designer, but at some stage she may do readings and hearings – and earrings.

A matter that is very close to her heart is the organisation Junge Helden e.V., which she helped kick start in 2003, together with her cousin Claudia Kotter, her friends, and other family members. The initiative does educational work on the topic of organ donation, and helps people become aware of the importance and benefits of making a decision.